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There are lot of less-than-glamourous tasks that happen on a construction project that often go unrecognized, perhaps even getting physically covered up with drywall and paint, but that nonetheless really add value. Unlike beautiful flooring, big soaker tubs or custom cabinetry, the nitty gritty, behind-the-scenes stuff rarely gets magazine spreads or, ahem, blog posts. Let’s see if we can do something about that.

One of our current renovations to a 1980s Arthur Erickson home in West Vancouver has several unsung heros. Take a look below at the cool stuff and skilled dudes that really deserve a space in the spotlight.


Here is Ryan installing a Ditra anti-fracture membrane in the kitchen. Ditra provides a stable tile substrate that prevents cracking and enhances waterproofing.

Tools of the trade + one happy Ryan.

The entire heating and hot water system is being upgraded from a traditional energy-sucking boiler and hot water tank setup to an ultra efficient, combi instant heating-hot water system. Look at all the beautiful brass work!

Kevin measures up for a custom honed granite countertop in the master suite.