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All summer, we have been working on a not-so-average home addition project in Port Moody. Lucky for us – and the environment – the homeowners are very eco-minded and wanted to include as many green features as their budget allowed. In particular, they were drawn to recycled materials as they re-envisioned the entire home to make room for their growing family. Some of our favourite features are the rubber shake eco-roofing (from recycled tires), reclaimed cherry and fir wood flooring, denim insulation and a gabled living roof.

A close-up of the rubber shake eco roof. This is made from recycled tires.

Here are the refinished, reclaimed fir floors before the trim and other finishes goes up.

The rear addition will feature a gabled vegetated green roof. Here you can see the prep work completed so far. The LiveRoof modules will arrive pre-grown in a few months.

The project includes two ground floor additions (one to the sideĀ  and one to the rear), and reconfiguration and refinishing of portions of existing house. Doug has been guiding this project along steadily and we are excited to be closing-in on completion. check back soon for more images!