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As promised, I am posting more photos of the stunning kitchen/dining/bath/laundry project we just completed in the Point Grey neighbourhood of Vancouver. Hats-off to Owen for all the gorgeous cabinetry work, and to our clients for their imagination, humour and hospitality during construction.

Some of the many, many great features of this project include a custom built-in breakfast table, a translucent resin (with leaf pattern) door, all types of custom cabinetry with lots of different surface materials, a hand formed and illuminated glass counter top (island), stainless steel counter top (dinning room), hydronic radiant heating, integrated custom lighting, loads of natural light, high end appliances… and that striking orange island with the fancy light show! Take a look –

A sampling of some of the different cabinets and surfaces that come together so nicely in this modern kitchen. Miel oven.

Here is that subtle and beautiful resin door.

We custom-built these drawers are part of a full wall bookshelf that defines the dining space.

Looking to the kitchen from the dining area. Check out the lighting below the island and glowing from its glass counter top!

The custom, hand formed glass counter top is filled with tiny bubbles that sparkle with the LED illumination from below.

At night! We love the watery pattern cast on to the ceiling from the glass counter top. Oh-la-la!

The message centre.

Breakfast table with the sink amnd coffee station in the background.

The irregular colour and texture of the backsplash gently bounce the light, adding movement and depth.

Guest bathroom/laundry.