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Last night a few members of the GCB crew ventured out to the Jericho Arts Centre to see our own Dave Ortynsky perform in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (Revised). The basic idea behind the show is to condense all of the Bard’s plays into 100 minutes, with all the characters played by three actors. The result is a very creative, high energy, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining show. Bravo, Dave!

It is impressive that he is spending his days working hard at the job site and his nights running about in drag, screaming his head off and reciting verse. We can’t help but be extra proud to have him on our crew!

We encourage everyone to go check it out. I think it runs for another week or so.

Hamlet. Dave is in the middle orchestrating a very hard to explain scene where the actors and the audience personify Ophelia's psyche. The purple blur is Kenny, who was pulled from the audience to enact her id by running back and forth across the stage. Whoa.