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We are excited about the nearing completion of a very nice kitchen and bathroom project we have been working on in Point Grey. Just a few more days until the homeowner can move back into the space and relish all the modern and creative touches that truly set this project apart.

Working from designs created by Ines Hanl at The Sky is the Limit , Green City Builders managed all aspects of the construction process, undertook the framing and carpentry, and fabricated and installed the custom cabinetry. Owen (our shop manager and cabinet guru), in particular, has worked exceptionally hard to source, mill, build and assemble all the different materials and pieces that combine to form this great kitch

Modern Kitchen in Point Grey

Almost there... This kitchen features interesting surface materials, modern lines and high end appliances... Oh, and a pretty groovy LED light show under the island!

Modern Kitchen in Point Grey

Owen in his soon-to-be-no-longer home-away-from-home.

Modern Kitchen in Point Grey

A close-up of the backsplash and cabinets.

en. Here are some recent in-progress photos from Sam’s cellphone and one from our client

Custom Built Table

Owen custom built and installed a gorgeous table. Wondering how it can float like that under years of weight and use?

Custom Steel Brace for Table

Here's the secret: A custom made steel brace provides the structural support for the table... and could also be used to hold up carpenters when needed. Thanks to our client, Claudia for taking this photo!

. We will post photos of the fully completed space in the coming days.