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Living Roofs

Why Install a Green Roof?

  • Stormwater runoff reduction and filtration
  • Insulation and noise barrier
  • Glare and off heating reduction
  • Increased green space and garden area

We are passionate about vegetated green roofs.

And we know how to install them.  We are knowledgeable about different green roof systems and are certified LiveRoof brand green roof systems installers.  LiveRoof is a hybrid system which allows for modular installation of fully grown vegetation.  A boring old roof is easily converted by our team into a custom designed green space.

Green roofs are specifically designed to be strong and durable in order to hold water, planting mediums, the plants themselves and maybe even you.  From design through construction, flat roofs or sloped roofs, we can help you adapt an existing roof or conceive a new one, to be a beautiful outdoor space.

How it Works

Step 1

Start with a structurally sound roof

Step 2

Install a waterproof membrane

Step 3

Install a drainage mat

Step 4

Source and distribute the planting medium

Step 5

Lay sod over planting medium

Step 6


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