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Last week our crew prepped and installed a LiveRoof green roof system on an accessory building that is being converted into a new home office. First, we installed six skylights to bring lots of natural light to the interior space. Then, we prepped the roof for the LiveRoof trays that were delivered first thing on Wednesday morning. Owen and Doug spent the day sizing, arranging and securing the trays… and then… it was done! Since LiveRoof arrives fully grown, installation is straightforward. Although, we did decide to add in some perennial plugs afterwards, which gave Sam and Elizabeth a great excuse for some sunny rooftop planting on Saturday. We are very happy we the results and have enjoyed watching all the cars and pedestrians slow down and do double takes. Yes, that is a gorgeous garden up there!

Doug installs the skylights before prepping the roof for the trays.

Trays of mature red and yellow sedum mixes arrive on the truck.

Introducing Dave, our new carpenter! Already getting his hands dirty with green roofs!

Owen secures the trays above the waterproof membrane.

Voila! Now, we just need to install the facia board and pat ourselves on the back. Way to go team!