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Last weekend, Sam and Elizabeth were invited to make a presentation on Living Roofs at the Pender Island Eco Homes Network’s Eco Building Symposium. It was a great weekend of sharing ideas and experiences, checking out absolutely inspiring custom built, eco-minded structures, and enjoying the local hospitality and landscape.

Some photos from the Eco Homes Tour are included below for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully you will also be inspired by the craftsmanship, creativity, ingenuity and collaboration that went into these works of art!


Inside a stray bail home with exposed large timber wood framing, clay walls and cork floors. This home has been owner-built over time with lots of donated labour from their friends, family and neighbours.


A living roof is planted on top of the straw bail home. The owners created the roof using EPDM as the waterproofing membrane, reclaimed carpet as the root barrier, and soil and plants from the property. Awesome!

Here is another living roof assembled with a similar EPDM-Reclaimed Carpet-Local Soil and Plants approach. This one is part of a larger custom green house project that will has the plants planted directly into soil installed directly onto the engineered green house floor.

A beautiful and functional joint detail.

More stunning timber framing and custom woodwork. Most the projects we toured used wood either reclaimed from elsewhere or harvested locally, often on the building site.


Here is the beautiful greenhouse with the plumbing in place for hydra-radiant floors.

A very unique shower surround built by hand with aluminum cans, clay and coloured glass bottles.

The quaint 100 sq. ft. seaside cabin designed and built by Sam and Elizabeth's host, designer Ken Rempel.

Sam works through some ideas on the Etch n Sketch.