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Sam and Doug recently finished the day covered in blue fuzz. The culprit? Ultra Touch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. This is a non-toxic home insulation alternative made with denim from recycled blue jeans.

PROS: Denim insulation has a high enough R-value to meet code and is not at all dangerous to work with and live near. No adverse health risks or physical discomforts as can be the case with more typical fiberglass insulation. This is a recycled material that has way less manufacturing-related environmental impacts, and the denim can be more easily and responsibly disposed of if/when walls/ceilings are demolished.

CONS: It is more expensive than fiberglass insulation, is very messy to install (hence men in blue fuzz),  and hard to cut.

We are hoping this product continues to improve and be used more widely.

This is an in-progress view of the insulation being installed. All the gaps, nooks and crannies were filled with the insulation before the sheet rock was hung.

The Goods: Ultra Touch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation