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Kenny, Doug and their crew have been busy working on two additions to a detached home in Port Moody. While everyone is excited about the final project, the green roof and all the nice details, first we have to start at the bottom: the foundation.

Since this is an old home and there are significant grade changes in the area where we are building, the foundation for this project needed special attention. First, we used cribbing to temporarily support the house and demoed the existing foundation (the homeowner decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the entire foundation). We poured the new foundation in place while the house was shored. Once the concrete set, we used hydraulic jacks to lower the house onto the new foundation and anchor bolts to permanently fix the house in place. Phew!

To avoid water penetration, we damp proofed the foundation with a spray-on product called Watchdog and placed a dimple drain along the foundation walls.

House shoring and foundation underpinning is dirty but necessary work. While often used as a metaphor, the saying “you need a good foundation” is something we believe in quite literally.

Here the guys are pouring the concrete into the forms.

Below are photos of the guys forming and pouring the foundation and lower sections of the walls for the master bedroom addition.

Here we are forming a portion of the foundation and the lower portion of a new exterior wall.