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In case you blinked, we thought we’d let you know that the ecoENERGY Retrofit Grant Program being (administered through Natural Resources Canada) is on a very tight timeline. Grants up to $5000 are available to homeowners who invest in upgrading or replacing the following:

– Heating Systems

– Cooling Systems

– Ventilation Systems

– Domestic Hot Water Equipment

– Insulation

– Air Sealing

– Windows/Doors/Skylights

– Water Conservation

This has been a great program with three big benefits: 1. The immediate grant reimbursement,  2. The long term savings associated with lower energy and water consumption, and 3. The reduced negative impacts of your home and lifestyle on the natural environment .

Unfortunately, this program will end in March 2012… But in practice that deadline is much sooner. In order to qualify for a grant, a homeowner or their contractor must register with the program, complete a pre-retrofit energy evaluation, undertake the renovations and keep all receipts for qualifying retrofits, complete a post-retrofit energy evaluation, and then submit all documentation to the government (by March, 2012).

Scheduling an energy evaluation and the retrofits themselves can take time, so we are encouraging all our clients, friends and collaborators who are interested in the grant program to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Green City Builders is well organized to spearhead all of the necessary steps for our clients. We are very interested in seeing folks take advantage of this program while it is still around, especially since the long terms savings are so great. Depending on which retrofits you choose, you could be reducing your energy bills by 20% or more. And don’t forget about Mother Earth – it’s a win-win. Just don’t run out of time!

To learn more, you can check out the NRCan website or give us a shout.