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If you have ever visited the wee GCB office, you will know that where we are located is a pretty great area of East Vancouver, right on the cusp of the Grandview-Woodland and Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhoods. Part of what makes this place awesome are all the community-initiated projects. These range from large organized events and initiatives such as Car Free Day on Commercial Drive, Fresh Roots Urban Farm, and Public Dreams, through to very grassroots efforts such as the vibrant student-painted mural at Templeton Pool, and all those lovely gardens that keep popping up on traffic circles, street corners, vacant lots, sidewalks and in our parks.

Last weekend, some members of the GCB crew decided to contribute to one of these community projects by helping a group of volunteers form the foundation for a new shed at the Pandora Park Community Garden. GCB has been providing pro-bono advise on this project that will eventually include a sloping green roof/wall, and will be a major storage and utility upgrade from the existing shed (think port-o-potty dimensions).

Huge thanks to Troy, Mike and Sam for volunteering their Saturday at the garden. We will keep you updated on the evolution of the shed.

Mike and Troy working with other community volunteers to form the shed foundation.