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Ever since our tour of eco buildings on Pender Island, we have been oh so eager to install a custom green roof system like the affordable, homemade ones we saw on the tour. While we continue to be proponents of LiveRoof and some other proprietary systems, we are very aware that the costs of these systems are often well beyond the budgets of homeowners. Our initial hesitation to installing more affordable custom systems  stemmed from our concern for meeting the building code and other checks and balances primary related to waterproofing… Well, we have evolved! Thanks to some education and research, we have developed a custom system that we are very happy with – and it’s affordable! Like hundreds-of-dollars instead of many-thousands-of-dollars affordable.  I plan to post a “how-to” on this blog really soon so that others can learn what we have. In the meantime, sneak a peek:

First, we constructed this fabulous backyard studio at a residential property in Burnaby.

...Then we layered on a waterproof membrane, drainage system, special light weight soil, and sod (a custom mix of slow growing fecus grasses). In addition to being an affordable intital cost, fecus grass is very low maintenance and will not bring about new costs over time.

Voila!! Here it is a few days after install. The sod will eventually grow higher, and the line pattern will disappear.