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Our Story

Green City Builders began 11 years ago as a collaboration between Sam and Elizabeth.  The idea was to combine Sam’s rich experience in hands-on construction and professional project management with Elizabeth’s talents in planning, design and consultation. We wanted to create a down-to-Earth, green building company with a lot of soul.

Our first projects were tiny.  But even the smallest projects helped us better understand our clients and community, develop our skills and focus the company.  Years later, our projects are larger and more impressive.  But the mantra of learning, refocusing and infusing our work with soul continues.

We love what we do, and we hope it shows.

Our Approach

We are a hands-on, practical and creative team, committed to operating our business with integrity. Our goal is to be approachable, knowledgeable, inspiring and efficient.  We use our experience and talents to create awesome homes for real people.

We are also passionate about reducing the environmental impact of every single project and supporting responsible building efforts in our community. At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel great about what we accomplished and how we did it.

In addition to offering many skills in-house, we are great collaborators. We welcome opportunities to work with anyone who shares our passions.  It’s really about finding the perfect team to create the best possible projects for our clients, while respecting Mother Earth and supporting our community.

Our Management Team

Sam FitzZaland

Sam FitzZaland

Sam’s extensive hands-on construction and management experience guides our team and ensures great outcomes for our clients.  Before founding GCB, Sam worked as a carpenter, superintendent and project manager, overseeing millions of dollars of residential development in California and BC.  When not on the job, Sam may be found playing with his dogs and kids or exploring the west coast on his mountain bike and sailboat.

Elizabeth FitzZaland

Elizabeth FitzZaland


Elizabeth is a professional community planner and designer with expertise in permitting, conceptual drawing, drafting, public consultation and project coordination.  She is dedicated to working on projects that improve the greater community and create stronger neighborhoods.  She is also the Mom of two awesome kids, and enthusiastic pedestrian and cyclist and a crafty chic found at her happiest with dirty hands in her garden.